Outlet Sunset - świeca z porcelany Parian - Kyuka Design
Outlet Sunset - świeca z porcelany Parian - Kyuka Design
Outlet Sunset - świeca z porcelany Parian - Kyuka Design
Outlet Sunset - świeca z porcelany Parian - Kyuka Design
Outlet Sunset - świeca z porcelany Parian - Kyuka Design

Sunset - Parian porcelain candle

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Fragrances: Rock salt and sea wood (Fragrance Oil)
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Product description

Sunset - a minimalist and geometric grip shape inspired by the beauty of a sunset.


Enhance the ambience of any room with our handcrafted candles made from organic and certified soy wax, beech wicks, and essential or fragrance oils.

Each candle is housed in an elegant Parian porcelain vessel, designed and crafted in our Milanowek studio and ceramics workshop. The porcelain has a satin finish and resembles white marble, allowing the burning candle to illuminate the room beautifully. Our candles are also vegan and have been certified safe by IFRA. Once the wax is gone, the decorative vessel can be repurposed as a jewellery box, spice container, or decorative accent, making it a versatile addition to your home decor.

A candle collection inspired by classic forms and nature. - 160 g natural soy wax
- approx. 30 hours candle burning time
- wooden wick

- essential or fragrance oils
- Parian porcelain
- designed and handmade in Poland

The product is available for immediate purchase, and larger orders may take approximately three weeks.

Each product is crafted by hand and may feature slight surface imperfections, characteristic of the creation process. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made using sustainable, natural materials.



    Czas realizacji zamówienia wynosi do 5 dni roboczych, ale staramy się wysyłać tak szybko, jak to możliwe.

    Wszystkie świece są zalewane woskiem z wybranym olejkiem zapachowym dopiero po zamówieniu.

    Darmowa wysyłka przy zamówieniu powyżej 400 zł.

    Wysyłka do paczkomatu lub kurierem Inpost 15 zł.


    We are a small, boutique company, not a factory. We do not produce for shelves, we treat each order individually.

    We prepare candles only after placing an order. We use the highest quality soy wax, beech wicks and sublime fragrance oils.

    Choose your favorite scent and enjoy the glow of the candle and the sound of the sizzling wick.

    Dark honey and tobacco - the beauty of mystery.

    A fragrance that seduces and intrigues. This unique composition of smoky tobacco, sweet honey and spice notes will take you to the world of romance and mystery. Discover a fragrance that reflects elegance and uniqueness.

    Top notes: tobacco, honey, spices and fresh citrus;

    Heart notes: tobacco, wood, sandalwood;

    Base notes: amber, tonka, patchouli and honey.

    Black plum with rhubarb - juicy and refreshing.

    A scent that brings you to a summer, joyful mood. This fruity composition of rhubarb and sweet plum will brighten up your interior. The lasting scent of rhubarb enriched with notes of ripe peach and pear will create unforgettable moments. This is a fragrance that will enliven your senses and remind you of a carefree, summer mood.

    Top notes: rhubarb

    Heart notes: pear, peach,

    Base notes: plum and blackberry.

    Lemongrass with ginger - invigorating freshness with a hint of spices.

    A fragrance that will enliven your interior with its citrus and spicy character, which will stimulate and cleanse your senses. It's the perfect scent for warm, summer moods. This blend of citrus and spices will transport you to an exotic garden, adding notes of stimulating aroma. A fresh and long-lasting scent that will enliven any room.

    Top notes of lemongrass, lime, lemon and orange add energy and enliven the senses. At the heart of the fragrance you will find spicy notes of geranium, cinnamon and ginger, which add a hint of intriguing aroma. The base of the fragrance consists of patchouli, cedar and nutmeg, creating a sensual and seductive finish.

    Top notes: lemongrass, lime, lemon and orange.

    Heart notes: geranium, cinnamon, ginger.

    Base notes: patchouli, cedar, nutmeg.

    Rock salt and sea wood - a refreshing breeze by the sea.

    A scent that will take you on long walks along the coast. This fresh composition of sea air, salt and driftwood will revive your mood. A long-lasting scent that reminds you of sea adventures.

    Notes of ozone and seaweed add freshness, while floral notes of cyclamen and water lily create a delicate, refreshing accord. The base of the fragrance, filled with salt embedded in wood, combined with amber, patchouli and musk, adds depth and warmth.

    Top notes: ozone and seaweed;

    Heart notes: cyclamen and water lily

    Base notes: seawood, amber, patchouli and musk.

    Cuban cigar and tobacco - the essence of masculine sophistication and strength.

    Take a aromatic journey to a Caribbean island, where exotic tobacco meets majestic oak. Forget about everyday life and immerse yourself in this unique scent.

    Get ready for an adventure for the senses, where a combination of masculinity and strength meets depth and character.

    Top notes: lemon, lime, mint and cognac;

    Heart notes: jasmine, iris wood, cloves and vetiver;

    Base notes: oak, incense, tobacco and musk.


    House of Books

    Dom Książki is a fragrance that takes you on a journey to the magical world of literature.

    At first you enjoy juicy white peach, sweet plum and crisp bergamot.

    Clove, cinnamon and sensual amber appear in the heart of the composition, adding depth and intensity to the fragrance.

    The base is warm sandalwood, deep patchouli, soft musk and sweet vanilla.

    It is a fragrance that enchants the senses and takes you to the magical world of literary dreams, the perfect companion for moments of relaxation with your favorite book.

    Bouquet of roses

    The scent of the "Bouquet of Roses" candle is a mystical journey among delicate floral aromas and the freshness of a summer morning.

    At the very beginning, notes of sunny, dried linen and pink grapefruit open your senses with the scent of fresh laundry dried in the sun.

    In the heart of this composition blooms the floral essence of lavender, geranium and a delicate pine aroma, which give the bouquet elegance and uniqueness.

    The base consists of notes of white cedar, Indian sandalwood and musk, which provide depth and durability of the fragrance.

    It is a fragrance that blooms like the most beautiful bouquet of roses, enlivening the space with notes of nature and harmony. Perfect for lovers of elegant and refined fragrances that transport you to a magical garden full of floral aromas.

    Oud and Wood

    Oud and Wood is a fragrance that will take you to an oriental garden full of wealth and elegance.

    It begins with fresh notes of bergamot, strawberry, pine needles and cinnamon.

    The heart is dominated by jasmine, lily of the valley, lavender, peach, carnation and heliotrope, creating a complex and sensual composition.

    At the finish, the deep aroma of oud, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, vetiver, oak, oakmoss, tonka, vanilla and musk combine into a harmonious whole, giving the fragrance character, durability and a subtle sweet accent.

    It is a fragrance full of richness that enlivens the senses and takes you on an exotic journey to the oriental world.