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Porcelain jewelry for lovers of art and design.

Kyuka Bijou

Arp White - kolczyki z porcelany Parian - Kyuka Design


Porcelain jewelry you will love.

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Porcelain jewelry you will love.

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Porcelain jewelry you will love.

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Clients about us

Thank you for choosing our products!

They are brilliant

I'm touched! It is exceptionally beautiful! I guess I'm a little crazy because it touches me to the core when someone does such beautiful things :) They are brilliant. I will make the next order because I gave it to my relatives.

Kasia Nosowska

Little Beauty

I want to show you something beautiful from Kyuka Design!

Filip Bobek

Full of delight

Candles from Kyuka Design are, in my opinion, a premium product. From the first opening of the package to placing it in the chosen place. I have full admiration for these things, it's like stepping out of a candle pattern as something that only smells. It is a combination of applied art with everyday life.

Brach Bear

I love it!

When I unpacked them ... I was in awe ... Made of the highest quality porcelain and designed from a to the z by @kyuka_design , a small design studio, in harmony with nature, locally and handcrafted, they perfectly fit into my aesthetics and philosophy of life. Huge applause for these people, their candles not only have beautiful, sculptural forms, but the aromas prepared by the aromatherapist are stunning.

Beautiful things for home

I love beautiful things at home .. And these candles definitely belong to them ..

Zaneta Home

I am delighted!

I rarely admire new things, because I usually feel like I've seen it somewhere before, but in this case it's a really interesting idea, beautiful, a form that can be used later and amazing fragrances! And I have some time to enjoy them !!!

Basia Szafrańska

Love for beautiful things

Such a beautiful, delicate form with a hidden Ki candle from @kyuka_design My delight, my love for beautiful things ...


I'm delighted

I'm delighted. The containers are beautiful and the smells are such that oh! Thank you 💚


Is beautiful

Arrived and it's beautiful. I am honestly delighted with it.

Arkadiusz Grzędzicki

A designer masterpiece

This is truly a Designer's work. It is beautiful and the fragrance is captivating - exactly what I like.

Joanna, Manufaktura Sploty

Unique design

Candles as a work of art. When I saw them for the first time, they absolutely amazed me 😍The unique design, captivating shapes, so photogenic that I could still take pictures of them. When arranged as decoration, they raise the interior to a higher level. Beautiful 😍 I'm glad to have one ❤

Dagmara, MUFKA Photography

No. 1 for me!

Beautiful candles! No. 1 for me, and I am a candle freak;) Unbeatable, really unique fragrance (honey and tobacco) and beautiful packaging. I like the idea very much, I will definitely use the container later. 

Zuzanna Lenart

The smell is beautiful!

The order was delivered safe and sound :). The fragrance is beautiful and the container is even more beautiful! Thank you.

Marta M.

Beauty has a new name

Perfectly refined details, captivating fragrance. Beauty has a new name: Kyuka Design

Goha @deerdesignbyconstans

The cup has arrived ...

... and my husband is delighted! I think I will have to order one more for myself :-)  Congratulations on a beautiful project!


I bow my head!

Yesterday I received a package with candles. At this point, I would like to thank you very much for these beautiful items. I must admit that they exceeded my wildest expectations - they captivate with both form and smell. Cheers ... Thank you ... And I will definitely come back for more :)


Form and function.

“Kyūka”, in Japanese, means to live like you're on holiday. We want our products to help you relax and bring back the most beautiful memories. Our candle sculptures, presented in delicate porcelain settings, are designed to be treasured for the long term, making them the perfect addition to your home decor.

Create a tranquil ambience reminiscent of a holiday getaway with our unique and thoughtfully crafted candles. “Inspired by nature”, our ceramic candle collection is not just a source of light but also a multifunctional decorative piece. These unique candle containers have been awarded the must-have 2022 by the Łódź Design Festival in a poll.

What sets us apart?

 The form and function.

Bringing beauty to your everyday life, our collection combines sculptural form with practicality. We believe that good design should not only be visually appealing but also have a positive impact on the senses. Our products are designed to make you feel special and elevate your everyday experiences.

Local, artisanal and ethical.

Our creations are carefully crafted from the initial sketch to the final product. Each piece is handmade in our independent studio in Milanowek, near Warsaw. Sustainability is at the forefront of our process, and we strive to create pieces that will stand the test of time. We use only the highest-quality materials, such as Parian ware porcelain and all-natural ingredients, like eco-soy wax, natural oils, and wooden wicks, to ensure minimal environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainable consumption guarantees that our products will be cherished for longer than the candle itself.

In a world of excessive consumption, we believe in creating durable products that can be enjoyed for many years. Our porcelain vessels are not just for burning candles. Once the wax is gone, you can use it as a jewellery box, bath salt holder, or condiment container. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to you to decide how to repurpose and continue to enjoy your piece for years to come.

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It wasn't just going to be another candle. rather small sculptures, jewelry for the interior. Inka and Stefan were delighted with the Parian porcelain: satin, resembling marble, but transmitting light.

What does the Japanese word kyuka mean ? Life like a vacation.

We create with passion

We believe that good design affects the senses and makes you feel special. Our collection combines a sculptural form with a functional element.


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