Elegance and responsibility.

We pack porcelain products in elegant, tailor-made boxes made of black, solid cardboard with a rubber band. All box styles are carefully matched to our products. They not only protect the porcelain during shipping, but also add great charm to the whole thing. Our customers love our packaging as much as we do, and they don't get rid of it. They are so classic and universal that they can be used to store small items or be used as gift packaging.

No plastic

From the beginning of our activity, we have focused on minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Although packing and shipping ceramic products is a real challenge, we are proud that we use only environmentally friendly materials: cardboard and biodegradable filling.

The scraper that protects the gift box is fully biodegradable. You can store it to fill the next package, or simply dissolve it in water: pour it into the sink or toilet.

Thank you for taking care of the environment with us!

solid cardboard boxes